Ukraine Invasion Booklet

Ukraine has long been a special interest of mine. My great-grandpa Dmitri came from the Ukraine 100 years ago, and my family has always been proud of our heritage. My last name is Ukrainian, not Irish.

When the invasion happened, I was glued to the coverage. But I noticed that background knowledge was missing from reactions on Twitter, and from my own children’s knowledge. As a teacher, I thought I could help. So I made this booklet.

While the sources are not cited in the booklet, I did significant amounts of research. If you’re curious about an individual fact or concept in the booklet, feel free to contact me, and I will provide you with references.

This booklet is meant for easy use by busy teachers and parents. Just print it out, make copies, and go. The maps, unfortunately, are in color. If I have time later, I may make a black and white version for cheap copies.

As this is a one-woman effort completed in a 48-hour period, I may have made errors. If you see anything that you think could be improved, please let me know!

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