Adapting Reading Reconsidered’s Open Response to online teaching

In Reading Reconsidered, the authors discuss a technique called Open Response, which are slightly longer prompts that “usually ask students to refer directly to the text and use specific evidence or details. Although they can be used to CFU, they also frequently assume that students have literal comprehension of the story and are now ready to analyze a character or event more deeply.

These are perfect for discussion boards, because the teacher can assign reading on Monday and read over students’ answers on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Then teachers can use students’ answers to form their instruction during a synchronous session or asynchronous video on Tuesday, sending students back to follow-up on their discussion questions on Tuesday night. This schedule can repeat on Wednesday and Thursday.

If teachers establish a Monday read/write, Tuesday watch/write schedule, and use it every week, then the assignment is not just-in-time and should not impinge on a family’s schedules too much.

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